How Do I Connect to Shared Drives from Windows?

Note: If your department has moved to ASC storage since Fall 2017, your path is \\\shared\unit\groupname or \\\unit\research\groupname, if you have additional questions contact your unit IT support.

Your shared and private drives should be mapped by default when you log into a Windows machine, but in the event that they become disconnected, you can use these instructions to remap your shared drive.

1. Open This PC (Windows 10) or Computer (Windows 7), and select Map network drive.


2. In the window that opens, fill in the information as shown below*. Be sure to map your shared drive to the O: drive. Click Finish. You won't be prompted for credentials because, by not checking the box that says Connect using different credentials, you are telling the system to use the username and password you use to log in to Windows. If you are prompted for credentials, please contact your unit's IT support, as it could mean your computer isn't properly joined to the domain.

3. You will have access to your department's shared drive.


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