How Do I Connect to My Private Drive from Windows?

Note: If your department has moved to ASC storage since Fall 2017, your path is \\\unit\private\lastname.#. Older accounts may be lastname# without the '.'.
New accounts do not get a private share drive as OneDrive is typically the better solution.
If you need assistance contact ASCTech.

Your shared and private drives should be mapped by default when you log into a Windows machine, but in the event that they become disconnected, you can use these instructions to remap your shared drive.

1. Open This PC (Windows 10) or Computer (Windows 7), and select Map network drive.

2. In the window that opens, fill in the information as shown below*. Be sure to map your private drive to the N: drive. Click Finish.

3. Select your department.

7. Within your department's folder, you will have a private drive named after your name.#.

Alternatively, you can map the drive directly to this path. In my case, I would map the drive to \\\units\ASC Technology Services\baer.90
Follow the naming convention \\\units\[department name]\[name.#]


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