Video Recording in Studio

Service Description:

Recording of video (motion and sound) in the ASCTech studio in  either

  1. 142 Hagerty Hall for video capture of clients in front of a selection of backgrounds: (A) black, (B) Ohio State logo, or (C) green screen. A green screen allows a different background to be placed behind the speakers after the video has been recorded.
  2. 346A Hopkins Hall for video capture behind a lightboard. Clients stand behind a large piece of glass and write on it. The image is flipped horizontally afterwards and the speaker appears to be writing or drawing on air. The lightboard system can accommodate the use of images, PowerPoint slides, and video.


Available to all units in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Standard Availability:

By appointment.

For current studio calendar, please see:

What Is Included: 

  • Capture of video (motion and sound) in the ASCTech studio
  • Production of video with editing and noise removal, as needed
  • Creation of specified file type (usually .mp4 or .mov) and placement on Box or Mediasite.

Retention policy:

The ASCTech Studio will retain media it produces for one year from the date of recording. We can, on request from the requestor, move raw and produced media to a faculty or staff member's OneDrive.


Free to faculty, staff, and grad students in the College of Arts and Sciences for work-related projects.

How to Get It:

Submit a request using the 'Request Service' button.

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