Audio Recording on Location

Service Description:

Audio recording at an on campus location specified by the client, between the hours of 8 and 5. Includes the capture of audio, from one to six speakers or sound sources.


Available to all units in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Standard Availability:

Monday through Friday from 8:15am to 5:00pm or by appointment.

What Is Included: 

  • Capture of audio on location.
  • Production of audio with editing and noise removal, as needed
  • Creation of specified file type (usually .mp3 or .wav) and placement on Box or Mediasite.

Retention policy:

The ASCTech Studio will retain media it produces for one year from the date of recording. We can, on request from the requestor, move raw and produced media to a faculty or staff member's OneDrive.


Free to faculty, staff, and grad students in the College of Arts and Sciences for work-related projects.

How to Get It:

Submit a request using the 'Request Service' button.

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Fri 5/26/17 3:12 PM
Fri 8/13/21 2:24 PM