How to make Website Charts and Graphs Accessible.

This article is intended for users who submit website content that contains tables, charts or graphs to any EHE website. 

Best Practices

    Use simple data tables if you can
  • If you want to include a chart or graph image
    • Use SVG image format 
    • Charts using colors should have differing brightness levels or use patterns to be distinguishable for colorblind users
    • Include a short (alt text) and long description for all tables, chart images and graph images
      • short description should broadly describe what can be found 
        • Example:  alt="Bar chart showing monthly and total visitors for the first quarter 2021 for sites 1 to 3, described in detail below."
      • long description should describe the trends / conclusions that can be drawn from the data
        • optionally, long description can be displayed on the page as a summary
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