Managing Organizational Email Accounts

After the creation of a shared/organizational email account, owners and co-owners frequently need to add or remove individuals to said account. Previously, this was done through the settings menu when accessing email via a web browser, but this has changed recently.

To access your organizational email accounts, open any web browser and navigate to:

If prompted, log in with your Ohio State email credentials. This website has a tendency to load for long periods of time, so expect at least a minute to pass for the page to load; this is normal behavior.

You will eventually be met with all the mailboxes you either own or are a member of. For mailboxes you own, double-click on the desired mailbox. From the following pop-up menu, you can then add or remove membership as needed.

Please note: if adding a co-owner or transferring ownership to another individual, you must add that person as both a owner/co-owner AND a member.


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