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OIT provides technical support for all college-owned computers.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply Click the Request Service button on the right.

What's Included

1. Access to the OIT Service Desk

The OIT Service Desk offers multiple levels of assistance with the following needs:

Tier 1 Support is provided through the OIT Service Desk. When OIT receives a service request, an analyst will create a ticket to document the nature of the request. Most software installation, troubleshooting, and configuration requests can be handled over the phone through remote control software. During high call volumes—and for most hardware problems—the request may be sent to the next tier of support for additional troubleshooting or an on-site repair.

Tier 2 Support is provided when an OIT Service Desk Analyst cannot complete a support request over the phone. In most cases, a technician will be sent to the location of the computer to provide on-site assistance.

2. Procurement and Initial Setup

OIT Service Delivery personnel will help faculty and staff select and purchase technology that complies with OIT standards. Once the equipment has been delivered, OIT technicians will install the current standard operating system and other legally licensed software.

3. Centralized Computer Management

OIT will centrally manage any computer supported by this service. This includes operating system and application patches, as well as application of security policies and restrictions.

Optional Features

*On-call after-hours support is only available for issues with a college-wide impact. Examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Building-level network outages.
  • Inaccessible shared network resources for which there is no alternative resource.
  • Hardware or software failures that pose a significant financial loss to EHE.
  • The EHE website is unavailable.

On-call customers should expect to leave a detailed voice mail. The on-call technician will call back within one (1) hour of receipt of the voice mail.


OIT provides technical support for all college-owned computers. This includes computers used by active EHE faculty and staff members as well as those used by graduate and undergraduate student employees.

Special Considerations

  • OIT does not provide support for personally owned computers and software. This includes troubleshooting remote connectivity to college resources from a personally owned computer.
  • Phone support response times vary by call volume. In general, wait times are less than 10 minutes; however during high call volume, wait times may be longer.
  • Requests are completed by priority and overall impact to the college.
  • In some situations, OIT may route your call to an OCIO resource for resolution.
  • When requesting service, an OIT technician will require either the service requester to be present, or provide the make model and location of the computer being repaired.
  • Customers should be mindful that OIT will assist in solving technology issues as best we can. Rudeness, disparaging comments, and insults will not be tolerated.
  • OIT will only dispatch a technician when a problem cannot be resolved over the phone; customers are expected to be available for phone-based troubleshooting when requesting service.
  • We understand that sometimes an assistant or administrative assistant may call on behalf of someone else. However, in troubleshooting most issues we will need to speak with someone experiencing the problem. Please consider this when you call.
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