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Request Access to Existing Shared Drives on the EHE Servers

Service requests related to the APL Applications suite.

APL Reporting and Data Management Service Requests

EHE OIT will submit a purchase order for computer and all the peripheral hardware purchases such as monitors, printers, etc.

OIT provides technical support for all college-owned computers

Tier 1 support for video conferencing assistance with Zoom and Skype for Business

The college’s Marketing and Communications (Marcom) team offers professional writing support. Our goal is to tell the college’s story and explain the value the college provides to our target audiences.

A detailed, non-evaluative examination to help guide, inform, and influence the design of online course development.

OIT will assist with getting data ports activated, repaired or installed

OIT maintains backups of all file servers and all data stored on shared networks. Deleted or lost files can be restored and previous versions of files can be restored as long as it is within the last 30 days

Imaging and/or Deployment of computer Equipment

Consult with our team on teaching, learning, and pedagogy in the virtual classroom. Examine integration of technology and tools to support the learning experience.

Note: This service only needs to be requested if HR does not show you as an EHE employee.

As an active employee of Ohio State University you have the ability to request an EHE account from OIT. This account can be used to access college resources, such as shared network locations or classroom podium computers

A great solution for student employees who have their own laptop but need to access EHE/OSU files and resources to perform their duties