Data Port Activation/Troubleshooting

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OIT will assist with getting data ports activated, repaired or installed

How Do I Get Started?

Simply Click the Request Service button on the right.

What's Included

Tier 2 Support is provided through the OIT Service Desk for help with getting a data port functioning. A technician will come on site and acertain the situation and work to isolate the cause or condition of the port.  If the request is for a new port, the technician will assist with determining the optimum location for the space.

As EHE is a CNET customer of the OCIO, if our Tier 2 technicians are unable to fix the issue or a new port is being requested, we will put a request ticket in with OCIO on your behalf.


This service is only available to EHE rooms occupied withinn EHE buildings by EHE Faculty and Staff and Students.

Special Considerations

  • It may take the OCIO several days or weeks to install new data ports.  Please plan accordingly.
  • OIT is not responsible for moving furniture or space allocation.  Please contact Facilities if needed.
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Tue 8/2/22 3:25 PM
Tue 8/2/22 3:25 PM