Data/File Recovery

Businessman stressed with lost data

OIT maintains backups of all file servers and all customer data stored on OIT provided network shares. All files stored in OIT provided network shares are continuously backed up, with 30 days of file changes (deltas) retained. Through this service OIT can recover folder(s) or file(s). In addition to the ability to restore lost/deleted files, previous file versions from a specific date and/or time within the last 30 days can also be restored. When you contact OIT about a file restore, you will need to provide information about which file(s) you need restored and if the file needs to be restored from a specific date/time.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click the Request Service button on the right.

What's Included

  • Full data protection of all data stored on network shares.
  • Recovery of lost/deleted files.
  • Selective restores of files.


This service is available to all active EHE faculty and staff members with an active EHE network account.

Special Considerations

  • Files stored on local hard drives are not backed up and cannot be restored by this service. Only files on network drives (e.g., P:\ drive, W:\ drive, \\Bronco, etc) are protected from accidental deletion and hardware failure.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to contact OIT as soon as is practical after realizing that a folder or file needs to be restored. It is also the customer's responsibility to provide a complete path to the file that needs to be restored, the date that the files need to be restored from, the time they need to be restored from (if applicable), and the complete file name/s to be restored. For example: "Please restore the file 'P:\My Folder\Work Stuff\important document.docx' from April 22, 2012 from before 7 p.m." OIT will then check to see if that exact version of the file is available for restoration, and will contact the customer to let them know where the file was restored to, or to discuss what version of the file is available for restoration, if the exact time and date of the requested file restore is not available.
  • OIT reserves the right to exclude personal data from the backup media. Examples include personal photographs, personal music files, and non-work related videos/movies.
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