New EHE File Share Request

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EHE File Share Request

OIT strongly recommends the use of BuckeyeBox (Box) for storing data.  Most data qualifies for Box storage and we respectfully ask that consider this option first.   If your new folder is for Research, contains Restricted Data or has special considerations, request a new place to store data on a EHE Network Server.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply Click the Request Service Button

What's Included

  • A new folder on a server with your descriptive name*.
  • Permissions set as specified by you for yourself and others.
  • Selective restores of files.


This service is available to all active EHE faculty and staff members with an active EHE network account.

Special Considerations

  • *If the folder being requested is for a research project
    • The IRB number must be included in the folder name
    • The folder will only be created on our Research Data Server.
  • A folder request that will have data that contains S4 data as described by the Institutional data Policy will be only be created on our Restricted data server
  • All other folders will be created on a unrestricted server
Request Service


Service ID: 52274
Tue 8/2/22 3:47 PM
Thu 1/19/23 10:08 AM