Using the OSU Secret Server for Shared / Research Lab Accounts


To securely keep shared account passwords, OSU stores them in PAM, for Privileged Access Management.

The PAM Console, at, can store all manner of passwords and push them to computers, providing a central store where group members can manage, change, and retrieve passwords. PAM will also remind owners when passwords need to be rotated.


When to Use a Shared Account

Shared accounts can be requested via an exception process.  If you need a shared account, reach out to ASCTech and we'll start the process.

Cases like an instrument that multiple people need to use one account.

Changing or Retrieving the Password


Log into the Secret Server:

Duo Push for 2FA

Go to All Secrets

Search on a likely string, such as your PI's name. Click on the star to highlight for future reference.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
Show the current password. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Change the password.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
The Secret Server will guide you on complexity rules when changing the password. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
You can also tell the Secret Server to send you an email confirmation when a password is changed. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)



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