BI154-XeroxWC7845: How to Add a Printer by IP Address to a Mac

1. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu

2. Double‐click on Print & Scan (Print & Fax)

3. In the Print & Scan (Print & Fax) window, click on the plus sign button

4. Click on the IP tab in the Print Browser window
a. Protocol: Line Printer Protocol LPD
b. For Address, enter the IP address of the printer you want to add: In your case enter
c. Leave the Queue field blank.
d. The Name and Location fields are for your reference to keep track of your printers anddifferentiate between multiple ones
e. For Use: Select “Select Software” and search and select for the Xerox 7845 driver

5. Click Add. The printer will be added to your list of printers.
6. Open Terminal and type the command cupsctl WebInterface=yes and hit enter

7. Open a browser and go to
8. For each Xerox with accounting, click the printer name and follow these steps. (note that these steps vary according to the version of OS X)
a. Look for Set Default Options.
1. For Lion and newer, this can be found in the pull‐down menu that says Administration and then select Set Default Options

2. For Snow Leopard and older, there is a button on the bottom right of the page
b. Change the Accounting settings by going to the Advanced section. Change Accounting System to Xerox Standard Accounting. Save the changes by selecting Set Default Options at the bottom of the page. You will likely be prompted for a username and password. (Your local admin credentials work.)

c. Now when a colleague tries to print, an accounting code dialog box should appear
d. Please input your accounting code/printing code for the User ID and then select OK. The colleague should now be able to print
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