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Connecting to Linux Home and Group Directories: From on ASC's network, off network, and from Linux machines.
How to install and use CrashPlan backup software on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
A brief overview of how to install R packages locally in home directories.
These are instructions on how to initiate and kill background jobs in a Linux environment. Mainly focuses on the Statistics department's compute servers, but is of general interest.
General information, and help topics for common Linux network file system problems.
A basic guide for connecting to the ASC VPN using NetworkManager and OpenConnect on Linux.
A brief introduction to the UNIX operating system, including explanations of some basic commands.
Evolution with EWS is the only Linux email client (other than OWA) approved by OCIO for use with the OSU email service. This is a brief overview of how to configure it.
An explanation of Linux permissions and instructions on how to change to change them.