Instructional Videos

Partner with our team to create videos in direct support of instruction. Consult with our experts on lecture recordings, content videos/digital stories, in-studio recordings, guest speakers, or on-location content recordings.

How do I get started?

Please use the request button on this page to begin.

Leveled Services: What's Included?

Following consultation, an our team will work with you on a plan for instructional video development. To meet a variety of needs, we offer a range of service options:

Level A: 1-on-1 instructional video development with a dedicated multimedia expert. We will work with you 1-on-1 from the initial planning stages, storyboarding, recording, editing, and processing of the content video. This level will depend on availability and time to dedicate to the full video production process. 

  • Timeline: The timeline for this level varies greatly, depending on needs around the service. Timeline is dependent on availability and existing multimedia projects. If this level is desired, we highly recommend initiating the consultation as soon as possible, and at least 3 months prior to the date for needing the final video product.

Level B: a dedicated team member will provide support through consultation and delivery of custom resources. This level may include, but is not limited to, support, resources, and coaching on recording strategies; video editing assistance.

  • Timeline: Level B is dependent on project needs. Timeline is dependent on instructor availability and time to dedicate to recording and editing, as well as familiarity with recording and editing tools. We would recommend beginning as soon as possible, although project timelines will vary, so projects could take upwards of a few months. 

Level C: support provided through resources. Through the use of our audio/video self-recording studio, video templates, and other resources you will be set up for self-recording and editing.

  • Timeline: Level C is mostly self-paced, resources will be available or provided to you. This level is recommended for someone who is comfortable with or interested in recording course content videos, or for projects with a shorter timeline.



Support for instructional video creation is available for all EHE instructors. 

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