Distance Education and Learning Design

Services (6)

Course Assurance Review

A detailed, non-evaluative examination to help guide, inform, and influence the design of online course development.

Distance Education Consultation

Consult with our team on teaching, learning, and pedagogy in the virtual classroom. Examine integration of technology and tools to support the learning experience.

Instructional Design / Course Design

Partner with an Instructional Designer for online, hybrid and blended course development. We offer a range of services, from 1-on-1 design support to guided resources, templates, and workshops.

Instructional Videos

Partner with our team to create instructional or content videos in direct support of course instruction.

Learning Management System (LMS) Support - Academic Courses

Troubleshooting and Tier 2 technical support for EHE academic courses in learning management systems, including CarmenCanvas, Mediasite, and eLearning at EHE.

Multimedia Consultation - Academic Courses

Partner with the DELD team to plan, produce, and deliver effective video, course graphics, and other educational multimedia! Multimedia can help welcome learners to a course, peak interests, explain complicated processes, allow for alternative representations and voice, and provide cues and feedback for progressing through learning.