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This page contains upcoming and recent news, announcements and other information.

This page formerly contained some information that belonged in the FAQ page. Apologies if you've been directed to this page in error; please see the FAQ for more information.

Scheduled maintenance

We have regularly scheduled maintenance two or three times a year.

Two weeks before scheduled maintenance, the Slurm scheduler will begin holding submitted jobs that could run past the beginning of the maintenance window (shorter jobs will run normally). If you see a status like (ReqNodeNotAvail, Reserved for maintenance) for a job in the output of the squeue command, that's what's going on.

December 28, 2023 maintenance complete

Changes include:

  • Operating system update to RHEL 7.9
  • Kernel updates
  • BIOS updates
  • New version of Slurm
  • New CUDA drivers
  • New defaults for applications with new versions added since last maintenance.

Please direct any questions to asctech@osu.edu about the downtime and notify us about any issues occurring after this window.

August 21, 2023 maintenance complete

Updates and rolling reboots of all nodes.

January 5, 2023 maintenance complete

  • RedHat patches and updates to RHEL7.9
  • NVIDIA CUDA driver 525.78.01
  • Mathematica 13.1 default
  • Matlab 2022b default
  • New Project storage is now available to all customers. All existing customers (past 5 years) with shares located in /fs/project/$name have been upgraded to the new storage environment.  The new storage cluster has 4x10Gb uplinks to the Unity cluster and allows much faster data transfers.  If you have a need for additional storage, please contact asctech@osu.edu.



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