User documentation, including introductory information, frequently asked questions, details on compute nodes, and usage statistics.

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Articles (12)

Unity News of the Day

Announcements of interest to Unity users (including other salient goings-on in research computing)

Why (or Why Not) Unity?

How do I know if Unity, or HPC in general, is right for my research application?

Unity: Read Me First

The very first steps to get started with Unity.

Unity Walk-Through

Examples of basic uses of Unity.

How to Get Help on Unity

How to contact ASCTech to get help using Unity.

Unity Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently-asked questions, how-to articles, etc.

Unity Compute Node Specifications

Some details such as core count, memory, GPU presence, and shared/exclusive status for each compute node in Unity.

Unity Partitions

Unity partitions: how to select a group of nodes.

Unity Containers

How to use containers with Singularity on the Unity Cluster.

Suggested texts

A description of Unity suitable for inclusion in funding requests, etc., and an acknowledgement for use of Unity.


Links to resources to help you use Unity, from simple how-to articles to more philosophical treatises.