Accepting the E911 Request for Skype for Business

What is the E911 Agreement

The E911 agreement is to make you aware that if you dial 911 using Skype for business phone or application, Skype for Business uses your location data to tell emergency responders your location. The agreement also points out that this location data may not be as accurate as the old wired phone lines.

Please, read the agreement completely. The person getting a Skype phone number must agree to the E911 Agreement before a phone is issued.

How to navigate to the E911 agreement

  • Open a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • In the address bar go the the website
  • Click "Sign in to your account"
  • From the drop down menu click "Log in"
  • In "Username" put in your OSU Name.#
  • In "Password" put in your OSU password
  • Use your Duo push to complete the login
  • Once logged in on the left side of the screen locate "To Dos" and click on it
  • Click "Agreements"
  • Click "Open Agreements"
  • Read the Open Agreement
  • In the empty box put in your initials and click Submit


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