How do I add the printers in Denney to my computer (Windows)?

Click the Start button in the bottom left corner.

Click where it says to search programs and files, and then type \\webprint and hit Enter on the keyboard. This will bring up the following window:

Scroll to find the applicable Xerox printers. The four printers for English are:

  • DE421-A-XeroxALB8075
  • DE421-B-XeroxALB8075
  • DE572-XeroxALB8075

One by one, double click eachof the printers, and they will be installed automatically. This may take a minute or so per printer and might la slightly before you see any indication that it's installing properly. Once all necessary Xerox printers are installed, you may close the \\print1 window and the print queue windows that appear for each printer (print queue window illustrated below).

Click Start and then Devices and Printers. For each of the Xeroxes, do the following steps: Right click on the printer, and choose Printing Preferences. Where it says Job Type, select Secure Print.

You'll be prompted to enter your 5-digit passcode (note: If you were hired after August 2015, your passcode will be 9 digits). Do so, then click OK to close that window, and OK to close and apply changes to the Printing Preferences window. Repeat as necessary for other printers. Now, the first time you print to each printer, you'll be prompted to type in your code. It will prompt every time you print, but will automatically remember which code you used last on that printer. So for future print jobs, all you will need to do is print as normal, then click OK at the accounting code dialog that appears. If you do need to print using a different accounting code, you may change the code that appears after clicking Print. You will still use your same secure print code to pick up from the printer. Just remember to change the code back for your next print job, as it will remember whichever code was used last.


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