University Hall 186

University Hall Room 186-A Audio/Visual Instructions

Description – “What’s available in this room?”

University Hall 186-A is equipped with the following audio-visual features and supports “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) options.

  • A 70-inch 4K LED/LCD Television

  • A Panacast-2 camera equipped with auto-zoom, wide-angle view, built-in stereo audio mic and noise cancellation

  • A wall-docked control panel that allow users to select from a range of connection options (VGA, HDMI, Solstice Pod)

  • Windows 10 Room PC with ASCTech standard conference room configuration (Use your credentials to login)

    Instructions – “How do I use it?” Wired Connections – VGA and HDMI

    VGA – Connect with a VGA Cable

• VGA connections - Please use VGA cable provided in the table cable cubby and your display

adapter, if needed.
HDMI - Connect with an HDMI Cable

• HDMI connections - Please use HDMI cable provided in the table cable cubby and your display adapter, if needed.

Wireless Connections – Solstice Pod

Solstice Pod – Connect using the Solstice Pod Client App on your Windows or Mac Laptop or with

your Apple or Android Mobile Device

  • Download the latest version of the Solstice Pod Client from the following address or from your respective App Store, if using a mobile device. o

  • Confirm that your device is connected to the “eduroam” network.

  • Launch the Solstice Pod Client and select “UH186a” from the Display Discovery List or Enter the IP address displayed on the screen

  • Enter the four-digit key displayed on the screen when prompted (e.g., 1333)

  • Choose your mode of display from the options presented (option may Include Mirror Screen, Media File, Camera, Take Video)

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