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Note: This article applies only to the Statistics department; other departments will likely have differences in their e-mail aliases. Please check with your department's IT support for more information.

The use of e-mail aliases is fairly straightforward: to use them aliases, just send a message to For example, to send a message to the faculty, you would send a message to

To send mail to everyone, use

General Aliases

  • The faculty alias includes all the faculty in the Statistics department. It does not include visitors, emeritus, or associated faculty. To send to a particular subset of faculty, use the following:
    • Use full for all full professors.

    • Use assoc for all associate professors.

    • Use assist for all assistant professors.

  • The staff alias includes all office, computer, and professional/research staff members, as well as associated faculty. To send to a particular subset of the staff, use the following:
    • Use associated for associated faculty.

    • Use lecturers for all the staff lecturers.

    • Use office for the full-time main office staff.

    • Use support for all of the Computing Support staff.

  • The other alias includes visiting faculty, postdoctoral affiliates, emeritus faculty (in residence and not), and joint appointees. To send mail to a particular subset of these, use the following: 
    • Use emeritus for all of the emeritus faculty in residence.

  • The grad alias includes all of the current grad students.

  • The all alias is equivalent to sending mail to all of the above (i.e., faculty staff other grad).

  • All students who are working towards a Statistics Masters degree, but officially belong to another department, can be reached with the externalmasters alias.

Other Sites / Combined Aliases

Note: if you create your own aliases in Outlook or Apple Mail that are named the same as these, they will override the system aliases.


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