Email and Calendars

Faculty and staff email and calendars, including assistance with Outlook and mobile devices.

Email is an OCIO service. ASCTech is happy to assist with email, but complex issues will need to be handled by OCIO.

OCIO's help and documentation is available at:

Articles (10)

Configuring Evolution on Linux for OSU Email

Evolution with EWS is the only Linux email client (other than OWA) approved by OCIO for use with the OSU email service. This is a brief overview of how to configure it.

How do I add an organizational email account to Outlook (Windows, Mac, Webmail)?

Organizational email accounts are used to have a separate mailbox for a set purpose.


An overview of the Mailman e-mail list program.

Managing Exchange Distribution Groups

How to manage Exchange Distribution Groups in Mac/Window Outlook or Webmail (OWA). couldn't confirm that your message was sent from a trusted location

Received email saying, " couldn't confirm that your message was sent from a trusted location."
Solution: Stop forwarding email to non-OSU systems, or accept that some messages will not be delivered.

STAT - E-Mail Aliases

A summary of the email groups, or aliases, in the Statistics department.