Using the Outlook Calendar to Reserve Space


The University Email Service allows for a type of calendar that is specific to shared rooms and equipment. This type of calendar can be used to manage conference rooms, presentation spaces, projectors, lab equipment, etc. This is different from calendars an individual faculty or staff member would make themselves: they are managed by a group of people in the department and the process for adding events to this calendar can be restricted to certain department members.

You can find your room by searching two ways, by email or by name. All rooms follow the same basic formula. Outlook will auto fill the room name as you type it in.

  • +ASC [Room Number] [Building Name]
    • Example: +ASC 100A Mathematics Building
  • asc-[room number][building name]
    • Example:

Note: Some legacy versions of Outlook still require you to enter the room in the receipt line to avoid scheduling conflicts.


How to Reserve Space in Outlook

Add Space to your Outlook Calendar

Math Department Rooms

How to Reserve Space in Outlook

Reserve Space in Outlook for Windows and Webmail

  1. Click the calendar icon on the left side bar of Outlook.
  2. Under the Home tab click New Event
  3. In the location field enter the rooms name or email address, it will start to auto populate.
  4. Click send, depending on the department the room reservation may need to be approved.

Note: The legacy version of Outlook on Windows will look different than the screen shot below.



Reserve Space in Outlook for Mac

  1. Switch Outlook from email to calendar by clicking the calendar icon on the left side.
  2. Click New Event to schedule your meeting.
  3. Typing in the room starting with the room's number will start to populate the location if you do not know the name or email.
  4. Click save

Note: The legacy version of Outlook on Mac will look different than the screen shot below. Some versions of Outlook will

Add a room calendar to Outlook

If you would like to view the room calendar or permanently add it without reserving the space, the instructions below will walk you through doing this.

Add a Room Calendar on Outlook for Windows or Webmail

  1. Go to the Outlook App on Windows or on the web at
  2. Click on the calendar icon on the left side of the screen
  3. Below the small monthly calendar, click Add Calendar > Add from directory > Select your osu email
  4. Enter in the room name, select where you would like the calendar to go to and click add
  5. You should now see the the calendar under the rooms category.

Note: These instructions are for the New and Webmail version of Outlook. Legacy versions of Outlook may not follow these steps.


Add a Room Calendar on Outlook for Mac

  1. In the calendar tab below the small monthly calendar, click + Add calendar > Add Shared Calendar
  2. Enter the room name into the search line.
  3. Click Open.


Math Department Rooms

The Math department has six rooms that can be scheduled on a first come first serve basis to Math Faculty and Staff only.

The rooms available are MW100A, MW130B, MW152, MW154, MA105, and MA417

If you have any questions about reserving a room please contact Denise Clark.

                 Room Email                                                    Room Name               +ASC 100 Mathematics Tower               +ASC 130B Mathematics Tower or             +ASC 152 Mathematics Tower                 +ASC 154 Mathematics Tower              +ASC 105 Mathematics Building              +ASC 417 Mathematics Building

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