MacOS: How do I configure accounting codes and secure print on Xerox copiers?

In order to print to any of these Xerox printers, you must have your accounting codes set up. This is done per user, per computer. Open a webpage or document that you wish to print. Click File, then Print, bringing up the following window.

Note: Please ensure you confirm with the Equipment Coordinator of the department whether or not there are restrictions to black & white and/or colored printing. For example, if a user's printing preset is not set to just black and white and they try printing in color (assuming that the user does not have colored prints alloted to them) -- the page that prints may report that the account is depleted. 

1. Secure Print

2. Accounting Codes

1. Secure Print

Select any of the Xerox printers from the dropdown menu. We need to create a Printing Preset that includes unique accounting codes. In order to accomplish this, you might need to click Show Details" at the bottom of the print menu. In the third dropdown menu from the top, select Xerox Features.

In the options that appear, where it says Normal Print, change to Secure Print.

A box will appear where you'll need to type in your 5-digit printing code twice (note: If you were hired after August 2015, your code will be 9 digits).

2. Accounting Codes

Still within Xerox Features, there's another dropdown menu where you can select Advanced.

Click the Accounting button at the bottom.

Select Xerox Standard Accounting.

Choose Do Not Prompt.

Where it says User ID, type in your printing code, and click OK to confirm these changes.

We're now done configuring this preset. In order to save it for future use, you should click the Presets menu, and choose Save Current Settings as Preset. You can name the preset anything you wish. In this case I used English Xeroxes.


Click Print to send the print job to the printer. The first time you print to any of the other Xeroxes, you'll need to specify the preset we've created. It will remember this setting per printer after it's used. If you have trouble printing Adobe PDFs, this is because of how Adobe designed their print menu, which ignores our presets by default. To fix this, each time you print a PDF, you must click Printer Setup in the bottom left corner of the print menu, and there you can choose your preset, then click print to return to the Adobe print menu, then click Print there. The only other workaround is to print PDFs using Preview rather than Adobe Reader or Acrobat.


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