Onboarding/Offboarding Checklist - Faculty/Staff

This is a checklist for ASCTech staff that's a starting point for on boarding and off boarding. It is visible to all as a guide and should not be considered to cover every situation.

This can be a lot of information for a new faculty/staff member, but if they remember that something is on this list and they can see you for more info that's good.

Examples of OTDI Communications:

In case someone is confused by OTDI communications related to account status the following may be helpful:

OTDI KB on examples of OTDI IDM notifications, including password expiration, LEFS eligible, Sponsored Guest communication, and more.
OTDI KB on quarterly review.

Attached to this article are three PDFs of OTDI communications:

  • faculty/staff UES access removal email
  • graduating student email sent around end of classes
  • Microsoft Student Advantage access removal email - students keep access to Office 365 for two years after graduation

Faculty/Staff General Checklist:

On Boarding:

Email can happen before a faculty member is hired: as soon as they are entered into Workday, they can request an activation code at my.osu.edu to setup their email.

Introduce IT support at OSU:

  • ASCTech: introduce personnel and divisions and how to contact, introduce the Knowledge Base
  • 8help/BuckeyeBar: when to use, particularly students with personal equipment

Accounts: explain what the name.n account does (email, BuckeyeLink, Carmen, Wireless, ASCTech AD), enroll in Duo.

Services: Make the hire aware of the following services:

  • CrashPlan
  • Office 365 / OneDrive / UES
  • Skype/Teams phone number - request if needed.
  • Remote access to computing resources, library, the ASC VPN and Duo
  • Teaching Resources / Digital Flagship
  • Software available via Self Service, OTDI, and other methods
  • Web services (u.osu.edu)
  • Compute resources (specific to unit, Unity, OSC)
  • Printing

Ordering Equipment

  • Procedure for ordering OSU owned equipment
  • Tech Hub (Apple products, and personal purchases)

Security: All users should take IDP training, but reinforce basic security: anti-malware, phishing, protecting OSU data, backups.

Sign or Verify any necessary forms: Off Campus form for equipment, LAPS policy, Restricted Data Acknowledgement. (These can vary by unit.)

Off Boarding:

  • OneDrive: discuss conversion to personal account, placing files in a Team
    • Note that all files shared from their name.n account will no longer be accessible. They will need to move business data to unit admin/research storage and share to appropriate groups from there before their departure. Recovery of inaccessible data is possible after departure, but it requires ASC HR approval and OTDI intervention. See https://osu.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=58956 for details if a recovery is required.
  • Office 365: discuss termination of license and installed copies, place any needed files from OneDrive into unit Teams storage.
  • Email/files: discuss getting needed items to their boss/colleagues. We can assist if user is present, otherwise contact a Senior Support Manager for procedure.
    • Make aware of the 60 day moritorium on email forwarding for all employees.
  • Sponsored Guest: make aware if needed, Sponsored Guest is initiated by the sponsor at https://my.osu.edu.
  • Equipment: coordinate equipment return with equipment manager. Wipe/reinstall/surplus as applicable.
  • Remove from mailing lists/UES groups/etc.: IdM should handle the account disable.
  • Locks/Keycards: Remove from any electronic locks.
    • Locks: If the user had Lenel or Basis programming access inform the lock shop of departure.

Faculty Unpaid Leave:

If a faculty member goes on unpaid leave: as long as they are not terminated in Workday they will have access to all OSU systems including email, Office 365 and their computer login.

HR Resources:

Leaving Ohio State - Human Resources at Ohio State (osu.edu)

Preparing to Retire - Human Resources at Ohio State (osu.edu)

Excerpts OTDI KB On Access After Separation:


When an Ohio State account and access to university systems is removed access varies depending on your affiliation with the university:

  • Faculty/staff who resign or are terminated (not for cause or layoff/reduction in force) will have their account access discontinued immediately, including UES mailbox access and lastname.#@osu.edu e-mail forwarding.  Please note that this does  NOT apply if the reason for the termination is "End Temp/Term Employment" (TMP).  
  • Faculty/staff who retire will have their account access discontinued immediately, except for their mailbox on the UES (if this was their election at the time of retirement) for 60 days. During the 60 days, the retiree can elect life-time email forwarding at my.osu.edu by entering a personal email address.  
    • Note: to be retired, means meeting OPERS eligibility to retire, and OSU HR does the separation as a retirement. You do not have to take OPERS retirement benefits at the same time as university retirement to have R0 status. Please discuss with HR ar end of service.
  • Faculty/staff who are terminated for cause will have their account access discontinued immediately and will not be eligible for email forwarding.

Note: Graduated students and faculty/staff retirees are eligible for life-time email forwarding (LEFS). This allows individuals to keep their Ohio State email address so their contacts can continue to use it. To make this work, the individual will need to enter a personal email address into my.osu.edu.   If the user does not already have a personal email address, they can obtain an email account from the provider of their choice and then go the Self-Service site at my.osu.edu to change the email forwarding address to the new account.

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OTDI Matrix of Email Access

This graphic is current as of 4/2023. OTDI KB05857.



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