Information Technology / Computer Hardware Purchasing Guidelines

Before an eRequest is started, any unit needing to purchase technology hardware covered in the categories listed below needs to initiate consultation with ASCTech leadership of the service area. This will determine if the planned purchase is compatible with ASCTech systems and if there are existing services that would satisfy the needs of the request.

The consultation is not meant to be a burdensome process; it can be as simple as the Support Manager for the unit talking/emailing with the appropriate person.  It can also involve the faculty/staff in the unit as needed.

These guidelines apply regardless of the funding source (general funds, research funds, startup funds), usage (daily machine, lab, kiosk, instrument, etc.), and apply to reimbursements.  All equipment must follow the ASC Non-Capitalized Equipment Tagging and Tracking Guidelines.

Infrastructure Devices

  • Service Area Approver: Dave Alden (
  • Examples of Infrastructure Items
    • Servers
    • Storage – SAN, JBOD, NAS but excluding desktop level storage – flash drives and portable hard drives
    • Networking Equipment - Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls

Audio Visual / Conference Room technology / Teaching Spaces technology
Desktop/Laptop Repair

  • Service Area Approver: Ian Anderson (
  • Examples of AV/Conference Room/Teaching Technology
    • Video conference equipment
    • Digital signage
    • Conference room A/V equipment
    • Classroom technology (projectors, smart boards, AppleTV, etc.)

Desktops/Laptops/Workstation Devices

Third Party Services / Security Risks / Software

  • Service Area Approver: David Sweasey ( or Brady Schrickel (
  • Examples of Third Party Services
    • Cloud Services
    • Application Development contracts
    • Web Hosting contracts
  • Examples of Security Risks
    • External hard drives / USB thumb drives
    • Software. ASCTech Risk will evaluate the software for risk and accessibility


  • Please work with local unit IT support to purchase via eStores instead, if at all possible.
  • Reimbursements are a unit fiscal decision and require pre-approval by unit fiscal and ASCTech.
  • All the ASCTech purchasing guidelines apply to reimbursement machines, as well as compliance requirements as they are OSU owned computers.
  • Reimbursement will not be made until the equipment is brought to ASCTech Support Services staff to apply the OSU asset tag and enroll the device in our device management tools – simply contact your local unit IT support to initiate this process

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