Digital Signage

Service Description:

Digital Signage is a dynamic method of communicating with the campus community via LCD displays. The College of Arts and Sciences uses Xibo software to power signs.

Various inputs can be used such as videos, images, live streams, data, or live websites. The screen can display multiple messages or be dedicated to one video source. Once the digital signage is installed, information is able to be updated quickly.

Digital Signage will allow your division/department to display multiple messages to communicate with students, staff, faculty, or guests.


Available to all units in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Standard Availability:

By appointment.

What Is Included: 
  • ASCTech project management for AV quotes and installation
  • Access to the OTDI Digital Signage System
  • “Digital Signage Quick Start Guide” for staff to begin publishing digital content
  • Technical Support – OTDI is responsible for maintaining the operation of the Digital Signage system. Be aware that the content on a digital display will often be coming from a number of different sources, including sources hosted outside of the OTDI Digital Signage System. OTDI is not responsible for the reliability of content being provided by third party services.

Startup costs will vary depending on the number of displays being installed and complexity of the project. Contact ASCTech to request a quote.

  • Installation of the digital signage system will require the purchase of a Digital Media Player. The department/division will pay the cost for the digital media player and all AV installation requirements.
  • Players can be acquired through ASCTech for $272 (which includes the license cost).
How to Get It: 
Submit a request using the 'Request Service' button.
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