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Services or Offerings?
Submit a software program for assessment of accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Admin access to devices or services.

Custom applications designed to support the administrative needs of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Symantec Endpoint Protection provides antivirus and antimalware protection on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Request an account to access ASC resources.

Recording and producing audio in the ASCTech studio.

Recording audio OUTSIDE the ASCTech studio.

Borrowing recording equipment for academic use.

Capital Projects and Construction Planning. Any scale facility project must have a request to assess planning / assist in project.

Consultation, training, and support for all Carmen-related instruction, research, and outreach-related activities in Arts and Sciences.

Assistance with CarmenZoom, a browser-based internet tool that allows people to participate in a course or meeting without having to travel to a specific location.

ASCTech provides consultation and IT support for design projects in classrooms and other learning environments and collaborative spaces.

A/V and computer support within classrooms and conference rooms owned by the College of Arts & Sciences.

CrashPlan is a backup service for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Custom websites designed to meet the research needs of our distinguished researchers and faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences.