Service Description:

Photo of you that is suitable to use as a professional portrait. We can also meet the specifications for a United States passport photo.


Available to all units in the College of Arts and Sciences

Standard Availability:

Studio hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

For current studio calendar, please see:

What Is Included: 

ASCTech will take portraits against a white, grey, black or OSU-logo background and deliver to OneDrive. Passport pictures will be against a white background. Clients can print out copies at locations of their choice. 

Retention policy:

The ASCTech Studio will retain media it produces for one year from the date of recording. We can, on request from the requestor, move raw and produced media to a faculty or staff member's OneDrive.


Free to faculty, staff, and grad students in the College of Arts and Sciences for work-related projects.

How to Get It:

Submit a request using the "Request Service" button.

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