Unity: New User

Service Description:

Use this service to request a new account on Unity, the college's HPC cluster. We can also configure access to exclusive compute resources and project space, so it's important for students or post-docs to share with us the name of their advisor.


Available to all research groups within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Standard Availability:

Requests for a new user account are fulfilled during normal business hours. Unity is typically available 24/7, with a few days of scheduled maintenance per year.

What Is Included: 

A Unity account lets you fully utilize Unity, the college's HPC cluster. 

In general, you might be interested in using Unity if you have some kind of calculation that runs for a long time, uses or produces lots of data, or has to be repeated many times. On Unity, the software tools you can use include commercial packages such as Matlab, Python or R packages that another researcher in your field has published, or C or Fortran programs that you've written and compiled yourself. The traditional ways to use an HPC cluster such as Unity are interactively at a command-line or by submitting batch jobs that Unity schedules to run when resources are available. More and more, however, our users interact through Open OnDemand, a suite of graphical interfaces that eases such tasks as job scheduling and file transfers as well as provides full Linux desktops and specific graphical applications such as Jupyter Notebook and Matlab.

Unity comprises over 100 compute nodes (https://go.osu.edu/asc-unity-kba-nodespecs). You get 100 GB of space for your own use. Many applications are already installed; we can install others as desired. 


No associated cost.

How to Get It:

Use the "Request Service" button.

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