Unity User and Application Support

Service Description:

Use this service to ask a question about how to use Unity, request installation or update of application software, or report a problem. Note that in some cases, the research computing support service could apply just as well as this service; users should not worry too much about the distinction--the important thing is to ask your question so that we can help you.


Available to all research groups within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Standard Availability:

Requests are fulfilled during normal business hours. Unity is typically available 24/7, with a few days of scheduled maintenance per year.

What Is Included:

This service covers typical help desk interactions such as getting started with Unity, setting up conda environments or installing R packages in your own area, installing software into the module system on Unity, or understanding errors.


No associated cost.

How to Get It:

Use the "Request Service" button.

Request Service


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