Self Service Software (SCCM and JAMF)

Service Description:

Via SCCM's Software Center on Windows or JAMF Pro's Self Service on Macintosh, a wide variety of software can be installed without contacting ASCTech or needing admin access.


Available on all ASC-owned Windows and Mac computers.

Standard Availability:

Service available 24/7; requests fulfilled during normal business hours.

What Is Included: 

Ability to self-install many software packages directly from the computer that needs the software.


Software Center (Windows) and Self Service (Mac) come standard on all ASC-owned machines. If you don't have it, or if you'd like to request a piece of software be added, submit a request via the "Request Service" button

How to Get It:

Use the "Request Service" button, email, or see phone/walkin information for the different support areas on the front page.

Request Service


Service ID: 14055
Sun 7/17/16 1:18 PM
Mon 7/17/23 4:58 PM