VPN, SSH, Remote Connection, and Share Drives

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Using Gateway for Windows Remote Desktop from Windows/Mac/Linux allows Remote Desktop to OSU machines from off campus with Duo two factor authentication.

Using Guacamole for Remote Access

Guacamole is a service to access on campus computers remotely using a web browser.

Connecting to the ASC VPN on Linux

A basic guide for connecting to the ASC VPN using NetworkManager and OpenConnect on Linux.

Connecting to Shared Drives from Windows and Macintosh

How to connect to individual or group drives from Windows and Macintosh.

Connecting to Linux Home Drives

Connecting to Linux Home and Group Directories: From on ASC's network, off network, and from Linux machines.

Linux Network File System Tips/Usage

General information, and help topics for common Linux network file system problems.

How to request new network drop/jack

How to request a new network drop/jack from OTDI's Self-Service.