´éČ Web Services

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Event Posting Request - EHE Website: ehe.osu.edu/events

Request that your college events be added to the main EHE site (ehe.osu.edu/events).

Event Posting Request - Portal Calendar: portal.ehe.osu.edu/events

Request that your college events be added to the master college calendar on the EHE Portal (portal.ehe.osu.edu).

Software Development Consultation

Consultation requests for software development projects.

Web Development

Are you interested in creating a website but not sure where to start? We are happy to sit down with you and walk you through your options for a OSU/College branded site.

Website Error/Outage

If your website (ending in ehe.osu.edu) is not available (down) let us know and we'll get it routed to our engineers ASAP.

EHE Website Update Request (ehe.osu.edu)

Do you have content or feature requests for ehe.osu.edu?

The EHE Marketing and Communications team can help. Please use this service to replace existing pictures, videos, text, post news articles, or update content on the main EHE site.