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Help installing and troubleshooting software installed on ASC-owned computers.

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Atom Text Editor

An overview of Atom text editor, including setup of the SFTP plugin.

CBC - Available Windows Software from The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Windows Software offered through the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Checking for long folder and file paths with "Path Length Checker" tool.

A tool to scan a computer directory, and enumerate the files present and their path length from the chosen starting root folder.
This may assist in migrating from Box to OneDrive/Teams.

CrashPlan Troubleshooting

Steps to fix the most common problems with OSU's backup software, CrashPlan.

How do I install and use CrashPlan for backup?

How to install and use CrashPlan backup software on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

How do I use ArcGIS while off-campus without an internet connection?

Steps for temporarily borrowing an off-site license for ArcGIS.

Installing R Packages Locally in Your Home Directory

A brief overview of how to install R packages locally in home directories.

Microsoft Teams and OneDrive Introduction

This article is a short overview of Microsoft Teams. Teams has team chat, messaging, meetings, calling, to do lists, and file storage features.

Microsoft Teams and OneDrive: Sharing, Copying and Syncing Files

Information on how to share, copy, and sync files in Teams and OneDrive.

Office 365: How to Search and Query

A quick summary of all search queries and quick commands in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. How to filter searches in both applications to find what you are looking for.

Sending Student Solidworks Key Using Docusign

How to send single email envelopes and bulk envelopes through DocuSign for the Solidworks Template.

STAT - Background Jobs and Scripts

These are instructions on how to initiate and kill background jobs in a Linux environment. Mainly focuses on the Statistics department's compute servers, but is of general interest.