My Recently Visited Services

Assistance with CarmenZoom, a browser-based internet tool that allows people to participate in a course or meeting without having to travel to a specific location.

Qualtrics surveying software allows for the creation of in-depth surveys and collection of survey data.

Request a sign or help with an existing sign

Allows for room scheduling panels and collection of data on usage of projectors, conference rooms, and other audio/visual components.

Help find or develop solutions at every step of research data lifecycle.

Request an account to access ASC resources.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure, encrypted connection, which can be thought of as a tunnel, between your computer and resources within your network security perimeter.

Don't see what you need? Submit a request and we'll get it to the right place.

Provides dedicated network storage for research data.

Unity is a compute cluster providing researchers with computational resources.

Unity is a compute cluster providing researchers with computational resources. Shared clusters share unused cycles with guests.

Provide Tier 1 support to new and established Unity users.

Get access to Google Analytics account and reports for ASC Standard Theme Website built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Request access to ASC's SSH jump host.

Graduate student lifecycle management application.

Custom applications designed to support the administrative needs of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Purchase standalone equipment to be housed at the SOCC or HH472.

Recording and producing video within the ASCTech studio.

Polling software allowing in-class, real-time polling.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows a user to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a secure network connection.

Help planning a videoconferencing session.

Training signup for ASC Standard Theme Websites built on the Content Management System (CMS), Drupal.

Recording and producing audio in the ASCTech studio.

Opic Application.