My Recently Visited Services

Request installation, updating, and license renewal of software on a COP-managed computer

Extend an existing COP account once a user is no longer affiliated with the university

Give a short overview of your digital accessibility request.

Request help with a hardware-related problem on a COP-managed device

Relocation of COP-supported hardware and peripherals within COP spaces

Secure and compliant disposal of COP hardware and storage media

Request general help with faculty and staff email and calendars, including assistance with Outlook

Supervisors can request access to network folders, VPN, and phone service on behalf of their users

Request help with scanning or copying on a COP-managed Xerox multi-function device

Request purchase of software for installation on a COP-managed computer

Support for research data management, including IRB applications and data management SOP's

Request purchase of printers using university funds

Request an Echo360 account for lecture capture and multimedia recording

Request a university 10-digit telephone number

Request help with a problem on a COP-owned printer

Request purchase of hardware using university funds, including desktops, laptops, and peripherals

General questions, consultation, and support for research-related computing

Give a short overview of the issue

Computers and peripherals available for short-term loan

Request help with a software-related problem on a COP-managed computer

Support for digital signage hardware, management software, troubleshooting, and requests for new signage

Request access to a COP shared network drive

Submit a general service request that does not fit into another category

Request general help with a university-provided telephone or 10-digit number and related software (Skype or Teams)